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Portfolio Prep with Mrs. Ma



For serious  young artists (6th graders-HS) who have been with our Studio's private &  group instructions for past 2-4 years, with Mrs. Ma.  Our young talents with  strong work ethics and self motivation are ready to prepare a compelling  portfolio. Many begin their preparation 1-2 years before audition, in addition  to after 2 years of basic medium/technique training. These art works  demonstrate young artists' dedication and hard work to create original  concepts while using exceptional understanding in techniques. Portfolios are  thoughtfully developed in observations & imagination categories to show  originality & creativity, in both found objects in mixed mediums and in fine  arts mediums.  Art theory and  creative discussions further prepare our art learners to articulate  confidently in their visual essays and in auditions & on-site  practical exams. Our young artists are mentored, prepared and  focused, as they launch their creative minds! Portfolio sizes up  to 14x28.



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 新鮮草原馬老師藝術畫室師生展 (Fresh Meadow, Mrs. Ma ARTStudio Art Exhibition)新鮮草原馬老師藝術畫室師生展?instance=nybusiness

Congratulations to getting into top schools of your choice:


Since 2006, the studio is fortunate to serve families as a part of artistic journey. Art is a wonderful companion in our lives. Some of Mrs. Ma Students have finished college, some are still in college and some continue to making art in the studio.  It is an art studio for our community. We are proud to share their accomplishments.

  • Valerie Dou,  Frank Sinatra &  La  Guardia and Bronx Science. She has been with us for past 3 years, she is motivated and original. Constantly pushing forward the creative boundaries, her work is introspective and possesses exceptional techniques. With focus and patience, she produced most dynamic art works that show so much artistic spirits and thoughtfulness. 
  • Kyle Huang, Frank Sinatra, La Guardia and Bronx Science.  Kyle has been with me since 3rd grade.  He is one of my studio babies who has matured in his techniques and concepts.  With a creative mind, he is a promising young talent and has wonderful work ethics. Art and Kyle were intrinsically as one when he is creating his work. 
  • Manjyot Kaur, Frank Sinatra & La Guardia, have been with our studio for over 3 years, diligent, creative, receptive and always prepared to work. She is a promising young talent who has also won BEST in SHOW last year for her age group.  Her work has demanded attention and strong interests. 
  • Abigail Wei, Frank Sinatra & La Guardia, have been with our studio for over 3 years, an absolute joy and a breath of fresh air in our studio every Saturday. She has strong artistic intuition, fruitful and insightful in discussions.  Never a frown while dealing with the stress and tough workload in preparation of the competitive portfolio. Her techniques have soared, as she is inquisitive, always ready for self-relevant and fresh ideas. 
  • Teresa Yang $12,000 scholarship for outstanding portfolio from School of Visual Arts undergraduate degree, plus the full merits for the arts scholarship for CUNY art program. She has been attending independent studies during school recess and 3 hour group lesson in preparation of her portfolio. She is a young talent who is passionate and diligent. I am proud to be her mentor in working to compete various levels of scholarships.  She is currently working on 16-page illustration story book for age 4-7 for a scholarship competition. 
  • Ana Jimenez accepted into the grants program at MOMA, continues to work with us on our Friday evening classes. She attends SFP, and takes advanced art senior classes in addition to MOMA's program. She has been with our Studio since 2nd grade, she is in 10th. Mature in her ability to create, she always goes above and beyond my instructions. 
  •  Kaitlyn Hui  earns admissions to La Guardia High School. She attends independent studies with me and 4-hour weekly lessons throughout the year. Her entire portfolios were tied intimately with her life/her voice, and filled with break-out of clutter pieces. Her compelling work ethics to create original pieces should be mentioned, the stunning dragon mixed medium piece took her over 40-60 hours to complete, works like a real art professional. 
  • Gabriel Counvonis, admissions to Frank Sinatra. He is incredibly creative. His notebooks are always filled with ideas and sketches, never a dull moment in his creations. His work was selected as the finalist in PS 1 exhibition.  
  • Caleb Williams, admission to Townsend Harris, and Advanced Arts program at SFP. She is exceptional and amazing young talent, takes 3 hours throughout the year in our Studio. Her works are such inspirations to many of younger art learners. Ida Wong, admissions to Stuyvesant & Townsend Harris. Art as a serious hobby for Ida, her work is distinctive. An intellect who has a strong creative spirit, her text-related art is one of kind, and always exhibited with strong interests. 
  • Isabel Yagerman, admission to Townsend Harris; she is immensely artistic and talented.  We love how she reaches outside the box to make it her own in art. Her work is always thoughtful and interesting.  Rebecca Chang,  admissions to Brooklyn Tech & Di Vinci Scholar program at Cardozo. She takes serious interests in art and makes art with her heart. Her art is unique and beautifully done every time. She is an exemplary talent to many of our younger art learners. 
  • Nadia Ferguson, admission to Advanced Arts program at SFP. She is bright and exercises her originality in her work constantly; she takes 3 hours throughout the year in our Studio. Many of her pieces are exhibited with strong interests. 
  • Sean Hernandez, admissions to Advanced Arts program at SFP. He has been wonderful in his creative spirit . As a responsible learner, his has an unparalleled way to exercise his imagination; we really enjoy his originality and class discussions. 
  • Jasmin Ali, 7th grader who has been with our Studio since 2nd grade, earns early admissions to ART Institute, Frank Sinatra HS competitive summer program. Awarded Grand Champion with prize/trophy at Kissena Part Art Competition. 
  • Alyssa Markowski, earns various admissions to Frank Sinatra for the arts, La Guardia for the arts & Stuyvesant. 
  • Joy Yang, our young talent who embraces art as her hobby with our Studio since 2nd grade, excels in both art and academics, will be attending Stuyvesant. Waverly Chong, an exceptional talent received admission to the highly screened humanity programs at Bayside HS, a competitive program that only admits 93 students. 
  • Christian Knoells excels in music, arts and academics earns admissions to Bronx Science & La Guardia HS. 
  • Emma Leavy, earns admissions to Frank Sinatra & Mary Louis Academy. 
  • Kaeliana Yu, earns an art scholarship, $4,000, L. I. USDAN summer program Ethan Edwards received admissions to Academy for Careers in Television and Film. At Ron Taylor Gallery in Brooklyn in May, his work participated in the Arts to End Violence contest. Young artists were invited to create works of art that feature messages of peace, community and nonviolence. 
  • Briana Gerofsky, earns admissions to High School of Arts & Design. Hannah Ellis-Gibbs was awarded with an Art Scholarship. Gabrielle Williams, Marie Angela Pinlac, Joanna Urena, & Gabriella Gonzalez, received admission to the distinguished Mary Louis Academy. Sabrina Huang, ART Connection Award & HS Admissions St. Francis Prep & Stuyvesant.