school year programs

Young Artist Program with Mrs. Ma

Young Artist Program with Mrs. Ma

Young Artist Program with Mrs. Ma


2.5 Hr. Group lesson  (AGE 9+) or

Private (1:1, age 5+) with Mrs. Ma:

 Serious learners are responsible to manage their own  supplies independently and able to setup/cleanup proficiently without  assistance. Take constructive criticism, aim to improve and advance in  techniques. Exercise drafts per class, explore art history and color theories.  Engage artistic development via critical thinking,  apply relevant research to compose various concepts with  perspectives. Originality is emphasized. Draw both from scale & observation.  Supplies packets are  required in addition to tuition. 

For private lessons 1:1, Mon/Tu after school or Sun 10am or noon. 

Group Lessons  with Mrs. Ma: 

*W/TH/F After School  

*Sat. 12:15-2:45pm or 9:30-noon  

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School Year Curriculum

Young Artist Program with Mrs. Ma

Young Artist Program with Mrs. Ma


 Voted as The Winner of  

“Family Favorite of 2019 

for the Best of NYC” 

with very special thanks to our 

art families & creative team! and

Queens Family Magazine.

Over 3000 art works by our students are chronicled in our Annual Art Shows 

in the past decade.  

Students' Videos on Instagram Fall (Sept.- Jan.) & 

16-wk Spring (Feb-June)

Medium-based  instructions

Meet the same schedule 1x weekly 

Week 1-3 Illustrations & drawing 

Week 4-6 Charcoals and Soft Pastels

Week 7-10 Watercolor Studies

Week 11-12 Oil Pastel 

Week 13-16 Acrylics on canvas  

Art Fundamentals (90-minute)

Young Artist Program with Mrs. Ma

Art Fundamentals (90-minute)


Aim to complete drawing and painting neatly, exercise patience and focus. Learn the use of brushes and palette.  Ideal for independent beginners from age 5, familiarize working surfaces in various mediums, supplies are included with 16-wk (90-min) curriculum. 



*Mon (Age 8+) with Ms.  Christina/Alyssa

*Tu (Age 5+) 4:15-5:45 with Ms. Christina/Christine

*SUN 9:30-11 & 11:15-12:45 with Ms. Christina/Emily

*SUN 1-2:30 (Age 5+) with Ms. Christina

*Sat 3:15-4:45 (Age 6+) with Ms. Christine

Private Lessons With Mrs. Ma

Private Lessons With Mrs. Ma

Art Fundamentals (90-minute)


 Age 6-Adult: 

Minimum 1.5-hr. for drawing or 

2-hr. for painting lesson per meeting.  

PRIVATE (1:1) Trial $70 per hour. 

Series: 6-hr. lesson plan (1:1) $395pp. 

No refund, no  make up with no-show. Advanced payments & scheduling are required. 48 hr.  ahead notice is required to reschedule or make up. Customized artistic development and portfolio advice. Private is scheduled during school recess, Sun 10-12 or 12-2, M/T 4-6.

*Exclude supplies.  

*$80 new supplies packet is required.

Visit our Studio!

Private Lessons With Mrs. Ma

Visit our Studio!


No Walk-In is accepted 

during instructions. 

Trial $30 for a 90-min. lesson, 

$40 for a 2.5-hr. lesson. 

$15 trial credit will be applied toward new 16-wk tuition (PIF only).   

 TRIAL is prepaid and scheduled 

during or after a studio visit.   


Summer art programs


Summer ART Fundamentals

Summer (7/6-8/8, 5-wk) Beginners Friendly M-F  4:15-5:45pm, Saturday 9:30-11 & Saturday 11:15-12:45.  For Recreation ART Learners with drawing and  paintings curriculum, enjoy artistic  summer enrichment to explore mediums, pastels and watercolor. Ideal for  art enthusiasts. Art instructions with guided outlines with Artist Instructor,  Bachelor of Art with Ms. Christina/Ms. Christine. Exercise fine motor skills,  patience and focus & familiarize working surfaces. Use of pastels and  brushes, exercise fine motor skills.  

Mon/Wed/Fri 4:15-5:45: Drawings/Illustrations

T/TH 4:15-5:45: Watercolor or Acrylic Paintings

Sat 9:30-11 Drawings

Sat 11:15-12:45 Paintings

Medium Based Themes & supplies included:  NO SAME DAY DROP OFF, NO WALK IN, pre-registration is required.


Summer Intensive 7/7-8/6, T/W/TH 1-3:30 with Mrs. Ma

For Serious ART Learners (Age 9+): Focus on  technique-building and compose a summer portfolio filled with paintings and  drawings while  enjoying a creativity-filled summer afternoons. Artistic development, creative  ideas discussion and art appreciation are incorporated into the curriculum. Medium-focused  curriculum allows students to explore various subject matter based on their  ability level. Classic training format that is ideal for independent and serious  learners; homework  may be required for research and highly encouraged with guided technique instructions with Mrs. Ma.


NOTE: Class credit may be arranged to  apply in fall or spring session after the fee is deducted. 50% deposit for each summer week is non-refundable, plus  $50 non-refundable  deposit for spring/fall session to hold a spot & $25 administrative  fee. No makeup if you  missed a summer class. Weekly supply check list is available upon registration.  No monetary refund after 5/1.Studio’s 5-week supplies  packet exclude sharpies or micron pens for  illustration: $80  with an art tote, 1 canvas, A/C & W/C 24  color paint set, charcoal set, 24c water-soluble pastels, oil pastel  set, drawing pad and w/c 140lb pad  with assorted brush set.  $80 supplies fee is not part  of the tuition and pre-order is required.   


Recess & Private Lessons

Private with Mrs. Ma

Pre-registration is required.      
6-hour (1:1) $395 


Group/Private Lessons & Workshops


Birthday Party with Ms. Christine

Reserve birthday parties on Sundays & School Recess. 


Watch students' video blogs!


Build Your Own Workshop

Ideal for Family Painting, Private Events, Social Groups, Boy/Girl Scouts & Special Occasions, recreation for beginners and art enthusiasts. 

About Us


Launch Creative Minds!

Our Artist Studio aims to provide art enrichment to enjoy as a creative community and advocates art making as a healthy creative outlet.  Our art members are encouraged to explore various fine arts mediums in our group lesson formats, as they learn various perspectives of  making art.   

For serious and portfolio learners who aim to prepare for a competitive audition, consult Mrs. Ma for private art lessons.

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