Annual ART SHOW 5/5-6 Sat & Sun 11-3 OPEN HOUSE: ALL WELCOME!

school year programs

Annual ART SHOW: 5/5-5/6/2018

5/5-5/6, 11am-3pm, (Sat. & Sun.)


School Year (Sept-June)

16-week curriculum (Fall & Spring)

Medium-based  instructions

Meet the same schedule 1x weekly 

Week 1-3 Illustrations & drawing 

Week 4-6 Charcoals and Soft Pastels

Week 7-10 Watercolor Studies

Week 11-12 Oil Pastel 

Week 13-16 Acrylics on canvas  

Young Artist Program (2.5 Hr. lesson format) with Mrs. Ma Serious learners are responsible to manage their own  supplies independently and able to setup/cleanup proficiently without  assistance. Take constructive criticism, aim to improve and advance in  techniques. Exercise 1-3 drafts per class, explore art history and color theories. Age 10+: manage palette proficiently & aim to complete a sketch in  20 minutes per draft. Ideal for potential young artists who are passionate and  have had art fundamentals. Engage artistic development via critical thinking,  apply relevant research to articulate/compose various concepts with  perspectives. Originality is emphasized. Draw both from scale & observation.  Draw accurately with measuring techniques; demand details. Paint interpretively  with proficient color theories. Supplies packets are a required purchase in addition to tuition. To  be advised for an audition or portfolio, private lessons with Mrs. Ma to be pre-scheduled in addition to group formats.  AGE 9+  *Select W or TH 3-5:30 (W/TH  3:20-5:30 Late Drop Off) 

AGE 10+ *Sat. 12:15-2:45pm or *Sat 9:30-noon    *Fri  3:45-6:15pm    

90-Min. Art Fundamentals

Aim to complete drawing and painting neatly, exercise patience and focus. Learn the use of brushes and palette.  Familiarize appropriate working surfaces, explore various mediums, supplies are included with the 16-week curriculum.
*Mon/Tu  4:15-5:45 (Beginners with Ms.  Christine & Ms. Christina) 

*SUN 9:30-11 (Age 7-12, with Mr.  Christopher & Ms. Emily)    

*SUN 11:15-12:45 (Age 5+, with Mr.  Christopher, Ms. Emily)         


Portfolio/Private Lessons

Semi-private 6-hr. lesson (1:2~3) $300pp., or 6-hr. lesson (1:4~6)  $270pp. Minimum 1.5-hr. for drawing or 2-hr. for painting lesson per meeting.  PRIVATE (1:1): $70 per hour or 6-hr. lesson series (1:1) $395p. No refund, no  make up with no-show. Advanced payments & scheduling are required. 48 hr.  ahead notice is required to reschedule or make up as an entire group. This  format allows art families to form their small groups, arrange schedules and  tailor fit artistic development. Private is scheduled during public school  holidays, summer/spring/mid-winter recess, parent teacher conference, veterans or election day. Exclude supplies. 

Take a trial

$30 for a 90-min. lesson, $40 for a 2.5-hr. lesson. $15 trial credit will be applied toward payment in full 16-week session tuition. To reserve  a spot: $50pp non-refundable registration fee will be accepted as a deposit to be applied toward full time session tuition. 

(Appointments only. NO Walk-In during instructions!)            


mission statement

Our Artist Studio aims to provide art enrichment to enjoy as a creative community and advocates art making as a healthy creative outlet. Our art members are encouraged to explore fine arts mediums and enjoy various perspectives of making art.

To prepare an art portfolio or an audition, please consult in private lessons with Mrs. Ma.

School Breaks & Birthday Party

Birthday Party with Ms. Christine

View Ms. Christine's Student Art Album 


Reserve birthday parties on Sundays & School Recess. 

Adult & Youth Family Painting 3/18/2018, 1:30-3:15


     With Mr. Jesse

School Break 2018 T/W/TH


Private lessons with Mrs. Ma available.

10:30-2:30, schedule by appointments.

Student Portfolio Prep & Private Lessons

Student Porfolio Prep & Private Lessons


This gallery showcases serious  young artists (6th graders-HS) who have been with our Studio's private &  group instructions for past 2-4 years, with Mrs. Ma.  Our young talents with  strong work ethics and self motivation are ready to prepare a compelling  portfolio. Many begin their preparation 1-2 years before audition, in addition  to after 2 years of basic medium/technique training. These art works  demonstrate young artists' dedication and hard work to create original  concepts while using exceptional understanding in techniques. Portfolios are  thoughtfully developed in observations & imagination categories to show  originality & creativity, in both found objects in mixed mediums and in fine  arts mediums. Art theory and  creative discussions further prepare our art learners to articulate  confidently in their visual essays and in auditions & on-site  practical exams. Our young artists are mentored, prepared and  focused, as they launch their creative minds! Portfolio sizes up  to 14x28.

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We are open 7 days a week during the school year with selective studio recess and major holidays. No Walk-In during instructions.

Studio visits or trial by appointment.

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